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Thanks to the extensive and long lasting experience of BLU WIND's partners, IEP offers consulting services in the field of wind energy and wind farm development and construction, as well as in other renewable energy technologies.

With a combined 30 years experience in wind farm development, management and construction of Luca Salvi and Gianmario Travella, IEP's and BLU WIND's partners, we are able to find the right solution for you in:


  • WIND
  • initial wind siting and analysis
  • anemometers up to 80m height and SODAR units installation, maintenance and removal at end of wind resource measurement campaign
  • data analysis with production estimates with different turbine models and types
  • business plans
  • suppliers selection (Europe / US) for turbines, civil works, logistics, electrical connections
  • management of relationship with authorities and grid companies
  • financing
  • construction: coordination of the suppliers, supervision of works, budget monitoring
  • commissioning: supervision
  • management of the wind farm, O&M contracts monitoring
  • production estimates
  • construction
  • assets management
  • technology selection (parabolic, fresnel, tower, etc)
  • production estimates
  • small plants for production of heat and solar cooling (100-500kW_th)
  • bigger plants for production of electricity (STE Solar To Electricity) >5MWe
  • supplier selection
  • production estimate based on resources available
  • best technology selection
  • gas filtration for production of bioNG

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