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F.I.M.A. – Fabbrica Italiana di Manometri ed Affini – was set up in Invorio in 1925 by Vittorio Barcellini and Carlo Curioni with the intention, already apparent in the name itself, to satisfy the growing demand for pressure gauges and other similar instruments for measuring pressure in industrial processes, during the period of heavy industrial expansion being experienced in Italy during the 1920s. The principal markets were the railways and civil and military worksites: the link was so strong that, for many years, the young employees of Fima, and then of Nuova Fima, were sent by the authorities to perform their military service in the Italian Navy, despite coming from the foothills of the Alps.

In 1956, the new factory was inaugurated in via Cesare Battisti 59, which is still the Group’s main centre of pressure gauge production.

The company continued to develop during the 1960s, with opening of sales offices in Milan and Padua, as well as on the first foreign markets, in Belgium and Rumania. The company focused increasingly on the oil and plant engineering markets and the production of pressure gauges made entirely from stainless steel became a reality, contributing to the company workforce exceeding one hundred employees. In 1966, Giuseppe Garbarino retired, selling his share to Carlo Barbaglia and Vincenzo Zaveri, who became the sole partners in the company from that moment.

On the basis of the successes achieved, Nuova Fima entered the new decade as the leading Italian manufacturer in the sector, a position it has held ever since and actually strengthened over the years. The 1970s were characterised by decisive entry onto the major European markets and the first non-European sales. The invention of the glycerine bath pressure gauge, which allowed readings even in the case of strong vibrations, involved all the world’s leading manufacturers, among which Nuova Fima stood out. The workforce reached and exceeded two hundred employees and thermometer production also started, at the new Riells i Viabrea plant, in Spain, in 1973.

Towards the end of the 1970s, quality became increasingly important and Nuova Fima began collaborating with the ENEA (National Atomic Energy Agency) on the National Nuclear Energy Development Program and thereby completed the first internal Quality Control System, the basis of development of all subsequent quality plans, which would lead to obtaining of USA 3A certification for health and food products in 1992, ISO 9002 certification in 1995 and, subsequently, ISO 9001:2000.

Nuova Fima have therefore been manufacturing Pressure & Temperature Instruments for more than 50 years.

Most of the components used in the manufacture of it’s Instruments are produced internally in the Nuova Fima Factory. All raw materials are selected with strategic precision, allowing the production & service standards to operate at a very high level of Quality.


Digital Pressure Gauges

Bourdon Tube pressure gauges

Diaphgram pressure Gauges

Differential pressure gauges

Bimetallic thermometers

Glass tube thermometers

Pressure transmitters

Submersible pressure transmitters

Absolute pressure gauges membrane

Capsule pressure gauges

Inert gas filled thermometers


Automatised assembling and calibration for brass pressure gauges DN63 production

Quality control on internal weldings

Automatised welding for stainless steel components

Company Presentation - General

Robotised area for stainless steel AISI316 components

Process control of pressure gauges elastic element production

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