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Italian Energy Products, is Business Development Partner of LEITWIND, the Italian top technology, direct-drive wind turbine manufacturer part of the LEITNER GROUP, world leader in the ropeway industry. IEP and LEITWIND presented the latest product innovations at the New Orleans WIND POWER and Miami CREF (Caribbean Renewable Energy Forum) 2016 exhibitions.

We would like to thank to all visitors to our booths at these exhibitions, a strong confirmation of the interest in new wind turbine technologies that provide superior performances both in terms of energy production (thanks to lower number of moving parts - there is no gearbox - and less mechanical frictions) and reliability.

The presence at CREF 2016 was intended to confirm the strong commitment of IEP and LEITWIND to participate to the development of the wind energy industry in the Caribbean area, where a 9MW project is already in the latest phases of development. LEITWIND is in fact a specialist in the development of logistically complex wind farms located in remote, small islands with small harbours,  weak grids and narrow transportation roadways with steep slopes.

With the know-how coming from many years of construction of infrastructures in mountain sites, we can overcome many obstacles and apparently impossible tasks that become feasible, while keeping the costs under control and the business plan economically interesting.

No wonder how this becomes possible: IEP's long standing experience in the construction of wind farms in hilly sites in the Italian Alps, covered with meters of snow during the winter, met the incredible know-how of LEITWIND's sister company, LEITNER, a world leader in the construction of ropeways, in the most incredible places.

At WIND POWER and CREF we were able to show you how we will help you finding the right solution to reduce the carbon footprint of your island, with a state-of-the-art  commercial scale wind farm, achieving top productivity while minimising maintenance, thanks to the proprietary direct-drive, permanent magnets generator technology by LEITWIND.

9MW Project in the Caribbean Islands - Google Earth

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